Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker?

Shaving My Beard

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker? Truth or Lie?

For years, men have often asked themselves and their bearded friends “does shaving make hair grow faster” or “does shaving thicken facial hair?”, and the idea of shaving their beards in the hope that it will grow in thicker and fuller is not uncommon.  Shaving their facial hair in order to in turn grow facial hair. Seems a bit counterintuitive right? Many men have tried it, all men have failed. There are a few valid reasons as to why people think that shaving creates a thicker beard, but there is no real evidence to support this at all.

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So to answer your question: If i shave my beard will it grow back thicker, the answer is NO! Nowadays you can buy supplements and oils to help keep your beard full and hair follicles healthy, some of which we will touch upon later on. But first, we’ll go through some of the common myths and facts that are associated with the beard-growing process.

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Does shaving facial hair make it grow back thicker and darker?

No, shaving hair doesn’t effect it’s thickness, rate of growth, or even the color.

It’s easy to see why people think shaving might cause beards to grow back thicker or even quicker. We’ve probably all experienced what seems like new hair appearing to grow thicker after a clean shave, but this is only because the roots of your hair are naturally thicker and darker. So a freshly shaven face will produce what seems like a thick stubble, but in reality, it is just the rougher and thicker roots coming through.

does shaving mustache make it grow thicker? The same general knowledge we already discussed also applies to your mustache. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to growing that magnificent mustache or beard.

Shaving essentially reduces all of your facial hair down to a standard size, after a couple of days these similarly sized hairs can make your beard look thicker as a whole, but at the end of the day, it’s all just an illusion and your facial hair is just the same as it always was.

The different speeds at which a beard can grow is another myth worth noting. Skin conditions aside, beards grow more or less at the same rate. It’s true that some beards start to look denser than others, but this is due to the thickness of the hairs, not the length.

Also, it might sound obvious but it’s worth pointing out that lighter hair appears a lot thinner, whereas darker hair will always give the impression of a more fuller and thicker beard.

After looking into these myths, we can honestly say that shaving does not stimulate hair growth in any shape or form, there is simply no relation to shaving and growing thicker beards. So there we have it, the matter is settled and you can now forget about throwing away all of that time spent on growing your beard! Just let it grow! 

So you can put down the shaver and read on because we’ll be offering up proven methods, real-life tips, and tricks that actually work and some products that other bearded men highly recommend. After all of this, you’ll be well on your way to achieving those beard goals that you’ve been longing for.

But first, a few things about how your beard naturally grows and what you should realistically expect in the first few weeks of beard growth.


Does shaving help beard growth?

Does shaving promote beard growth? Unfortunately, it does not. It also does not make it grow faster.

The first few weeks are the hardest, you’ve got past the stubble stage and your beard is starting to grow out. However, this is where most men give up and reach for the razor. Reasons for giving up can vary from the dreaded beard itch, bald patches, grey hairs coming through or even just because your boss thinks you’re scaring away the customers in the shop.

These are common issues and can all be easily dealt with using our tips and tricks section later on. If you do have to deal with any disapproving bosses, try growing your beard just before taking your time off. If you time it right and you can use those one or two weeks to get past that awkward fuzzy stage, returning to work with a tidy, well-maintained beard (and hopefully a less irritating boss!).

Here’s a quick list of some of the testing times that you might face when growing your beard:

  • The infamous in-between stage, did you forget to shave?
  • Possible disapproving criticism from your partner
  • The dreaded Itch, the menace of every bearded man
  • Comments and unfavorable looks during the beard growing phase
  • Contemplating questions like does shaving increase hair growth?

dea when you reach the end goal, then it’s a completely different ball game! All of the doubting comments and funny looks will have been worth it, after all, growing a beard is a commitment and you need to stick with it to achieve true beard greatness.

The best way to keep on track is to fully understand how your beard grows. Firstly, a thick and full beard does not magically appear after one or two weeks. You will experience patches of hair where it just doesn’t want to grow, this is a common annoyance of growing a beard, it takes time and patience.

Most men can expect to wait around a month before they start creating what resembles something like a full beard, it might take longer but the key is patience.

After 4-6 weeks it will be decision time, you can either keep going with that wild and disheveled look or you can decide to enter the world of beard grooming. Before you decide, be sure to give your beard enough time to fully grow out.

It’s worth waiting to see how your beard naturally sits on your face. Shaving too soon can disrupt the natural flow of your beard and you might end up having to wait for those areas to grow again.

After you’ve made your decision on how to style your beard, you just need to maintain it and keep it healthy. You have a few options that include diets, vitamins, exercise, and some less obvious ideas as well.

You will notice that a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle is key not only to you but also to your beard. Diet and exercise are the most natural aspects to focus on before trying any of the more expensive products.

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Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Have you tried everything to speed up facial hair growth? Need a jumpstart on growing a beard? Perhaps something to stimulate your beard growth. A selection of tips and tricks that help your beard be the best it can be, so read on and learn what you can do to give your beard exactly what it needs!

Let it Grow

Just let it grow, man. Now that we have established that shaving does not make our beards grow back thicker, we can all put the razors and shavers away. Just let your beard grow and don’t worry about the minor flaws that might crop up in the process, give it time and your beard will be looking glorious soon enough.

Grooming is essential and we can’t stress it enough, it goes without saying that a healthy beard should be washed, combed or brushed regularly.

You will be thankful for the creation of beard oils when you get past the stubble stage. You will have a wide range of oils to choose from online, all offering various health benefits and scents. Using beard oil will help keep your beard looking healthy, protect your skin underneath and also make you smell unbelievably good.

Your shaving method and razor choice can make a big impact on how long it takes for your facial hair to grow back. It all depends on the closeness of the shave, the top multi-blade cartridge razors on the market today can give you a really smooth finish.

The modern electric razors simply do not compete on closeness, but if you must stay with electric then will give you a slightly closer shave.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate in close shaves then the classic double-edged safety razor is an excellent choice, it’s the traditional method and one that leaves a very smooth finish.

So if you are someone that uses the cartridge or double-edge safety razors, your facial hair will naturally take longer to grow back due to the hairs being cut deeper and closer to the skin. You need to take this into account when trimming and refining your beard.

Healthy Food Thicker Beard

A Balanced Diet And Lifestyle

Everyone is talking about healthy eating and living a well-balanced life these days, and rightly so, it’s fundamental to keeping your body feeling great, but the fact that your beard is also benefiting from this health kick is an added bonus. The phrase “healthy body, healthy beard” is not really something that you would see or hear very often, if at all, but it’s true.

Exercising is key to maintaining a healthy body and losing weight. Testosterone is known to boost beard growth so be sure to plan regular sessions throughout the week. Intense, short burst workouts will send your testosterone levels through the roof and get your facial hair working overtime!

You need to get enough sleep every night, this is crucial for general day-to-day living, but anything less than five or six hours and you are not doing yourself, or your beard, any favors at all. In fact, studies have shown that testosterone levels dropped dramatically in those people who slept for five hours or less, so lay your head down and give your body time to rest.

A healthy diet is another aspect of a well-balanced lifestyle that helps beard growth in numerous ways. If you are not doing so already, you need to introduce some of those healthy proteins that bodybuilders always talk about eating. By this, we mean eggs, meat, fish and nuts. Get these into your diet as soon as possible to help stimulate your facial hair.

Stress and anxiety are quite common in today’s modern society, you need to try and limit these feelings and keep yourself as calm and as healthy as possible.

Stress is known to cause hair loss and it will discourage beard growth as well. One good way to help reduce stress is to use beard oils with stress-relieving properties, try looking for lavender as it is one of the most relaxing scents around.


A Little Help

If things are just not working out with your beard then you can always seek help, a little expert medical advice never hurt anyone. Plus, it’s always best to get advice from your doctor before you start taking anything new, be it vitamins and pills or beard solutions.

Minoxidil is a popular choice for men looking to reduce patchy areas, it is often used on the scalp in the form of Rogaine For Men and it is well-known to encourage hair growth. Recently, some men have found success when using it on their beards, so it’s worth considering to see if it can benefit you as well.

Biotin is one of those super-powered vitamins that has also shown to stimulate hair growth, plus it’s great for your skin so it’s giving you all sorts of health benefits. It can be found in some of the top beard products (one of them we have included in the recommended section below). Consult with your doctor before and they will let you know if it’s worth a shot or not.

Recommended Beard Products for Beard Growth

Smooth Viking’s Beard Oil

A great multi-purpose oil that will not only keep your beard healthy and shiny, but it will moisturize and look after your skin. It’s perfect for getting rid of the beard itch as well. This is a product that has a lot going for it and it is certainly worth a try. It won’t however, help with hair growth.

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Rogaine for Men

This product is known to stimulate hair growth and also reduce hair loss as well. It is based around the minoxidil solution mentioned earlier in the article and is perfect for your beard and scalp. Clinical-trials have been successful and many users have seen amazing results, so it’s definitely worth looking into. It could end up being the perfect solution for facial hair growth.

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Beard Grow XL

Need help making facial hair grow? A popular and powerful supplement used by thousands of men around the world to create fuller beards. This product is full of natural ingredients with plenty of vitamins, including biotin which is one of the most important ingredients you should be looking out for when shopping around for beard products. The perfect solution for facial hair growth.

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