How to Comb your Beard under the Chin

How to Comb your Beard under the Chin

Grooming your facial hair can be as confusing as the tangles in it after you wake up. Most men with beards, especially those fortunate ones with fuller and longer beards, will just inwardly complain about how these pesky tangles come out of nowhere after quite some intense grooming and combing.

However, that is a problem that you can solve even before you comb them away. After spending some time and research here, you can be certain that the tangles in your beard will be smooth and curly, leaving it looking great today. First things first, grab yourself a trusty beard comb! A regular comb will pull out your beard hair and nobody wants that.

There are tons of available beard styles, as well as many combing tips and tricks to make them look stylish.

To help you find a great way to not only comb your hair but to also know which kind of beard works best for you, we have compiled an interesting list.

This list has:

  1. The shape of face
  2. A beard style that fits that face
  3. A recommended direction to comb a beard
  4. How to comb beard curls under chin.

Let me give you a few interesting numbers first.

In an online poll, 35% of men said they comb their beards backward, toward and along the neck area. This is followed by 26% that said they comb them forward, which is straight to their chins.

While just 21% comb it straight downward. There was only 9% of men who did not brush or comb their beards at all.

Now, not all beards are created, or grown, equal. Some beards grow long but thin hairs, others have beards that are short but full, some even have been searching for information on the right beard combing direction for “beard curls under chin”. While this list will help you take care of your beard generally, every individual has their own kind of beard. You know your beard best.

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The List of Faces, Beards, and How to Comb Your Beard Under Your Chin

Combing Your Beard: Those with a square-shaped face

To know if you have a face with a square shape, ask yourself if your forehead is as wide as your jawline. If you say yes, chances are you have a square face.

The beard that goes well with the square shape is a circle beard, which is basically a patch of beard on the chin and a mustache that surrounds it. You can also do stubble or a goatee.

Combing –

A great way to comb the hair on the chin is to comb them downward. A beard that looks full on your chin but smaller on the sides will make the edges appear rounder.

It will also help your beard get smoother, as the downward motion will untangle the hair.

For those with a rounder face.

To know if you have a round face, ask yourself if your face is as wide as it is long. If you say yes, you have a round face.

A style that goes well with the rounder faces is to have the hair grow longer to the bottom and shorter on the sides. A full goatee with a mustache or a short beard with sides neatly trimmed will give a good edge on your face. By doing this you will create the impression of a less round face.

Combing –

The best direction to comb your beard in downward. To make your hair look fuller and longer on the bottom, it is best to oil it first and then comb the beard downward. It lengthens it, making it appear longer.

For those with an oval face.

To know if you have an oval face, ask yourself if your jaws are a bit narrower than your temples and if your face is around two times longer than it is wide. If you say yes, congratulations you have a shape that can fit any beard.

Any style will work well with an oval face.

Combing –

You are lucky enough to get an oval face, meaning any style will do for you. Combing upwards will make your beard look wider, while downward combing can make it look longer.

Any combing style can do for you, but I would suggest downwards, unless your beard is long enough and you want to make it look fuller, then upwards is also a great choice.

For those with a rectangular face.

To know if you have a rectangular face, ask yourself if your chin is narrow or if your forehead high. Also take a look and see if your face is longer than it is wide. If yes, you may have a rectangular face, although some may confuse this with a round face.

A side that is fuller and a bottom that is shorter will make you seem to have an oval face, giving both edges and curves. Having long sideburns that connect to a mustache or a chin strap beard will look great on you.

Combing –

An upward direction to comb your beard is recommended. This way the bottom part of the chin will look shorter and will make the side portions of the beard look fuller.


Any of the beards, styles, and combing tips mentioned here can help you look your best. While it won’t make up for your ugly mug, we do suggest experimenting with what works best for you! A well-groomed beard can bring confidence and is always a great conversation piece.

Grooming the right way will make an average beard look great, and with the right comb, beard oil or balm, and proper beard hygiene, you will have an epic looking beard!