How to Make Your Beard Soft

Tips to Make Your Beard Softer  

Tips to Make Your Beard Softer

A lot of guys do not even think twice about the fact that they don’t have a soft beard. They think that because it’s a beard it’s not supposed to be soft, and just accept it for the bristly, rough beard that it is. But it’s actually a common misconception that beards can’t be or aren’t supposed to be soft. In fact, they can and should be nice and soft. No, this doesn’t make you any less manly, stop worrying. No matter how great your beard looks, if it’s coarse and wiry, then it isn’t living up to its full potential, and that’s no good!

You should want the best for your beard, and that means that you should want it to feel as great as it looks. It’s okay if you haven’t yet taken the step towards making your beard perfect –  many men haven’t, and it’s not too late. If you’ve been wondering, “how to make my beard soft,” now is the best time to look in the mirror and get started:

What Makes Beards Rough?

We all take care of the hair on our heads to make it clean and soft, so why not do the same for the hair in your beard? Yes, beard hair is the same as the hair on your head and therefore should be treated as such. You should use shampoo and or conditioner made specifically for your beard/face.  A little love on your beard will go a long way. But what is it that prevents your beard hair from being soft and luxurious?

  • Dryness: Dryness is a serious problem when it comes to beard maintenance and is often overlooked in favor of other maintenance methods and products such as waxes, trimmers, and combs. The first thing that you should take a look at is your water intake. Not drinking enough water not only has serious repercussions on your physical health, but it also causes your beard to become brittle. But if you are a well-hydrated man and your beard is still as dry as a desert in the summer, then there are some products that you can use to help you out.
  • Split Ends: You’re probably doing a double take on this one, but yes, your beard can get split ends. It’s hair, after all.
  • Lack of Maintenance: It may simply be time to give your beard a little TLC. If you only show attention to your beard when it gets too long, and you need to trim it, then you’ve got another thing coming for you. Beard maintenance is a crucial part of beard ownership, and will transform from a man with A beard, to the man with THE beard! Plus, your partner will be much happier when they are kissing you! Because let’s face it, you will be pulling all the babes with your beard.


How to Get a Soft Beard

Now that we’ve covered why your beard is dry and brittle, here is a little more info for those of you wondering “how to make my beard soft”:

Shampoo and Condition Your Beard

There are two types of bearded men out there in the world: those who wash and condition their beards regularly and those who consider getting their beard wet when they’re in the shower washing it. Guess which one of those men has the best beard on the block? That’s right, you have to shampoo AND condition your beard on a regular basis in order to have a soft beard. As mentioned earlier, make sure you are using shampoo and conditioner made for your beard. Otherwise, you can end up with skin issues.

You need to be washing your beard between three and five times a week depending on your hair type and job. If your beard is getting dirty frequently, it might be best to wash it closer to five times per week.  Make sure you are rinsing your beard thoroughly. Not only will this help keep your beard clean and soft, but it will also maintain the condition of the skin underneath your beard as well. Poor skin condition plays a major role in beard dandruff, and nobody wants that!

Pay Attention to What You’re Eating

 A crappy diet is going to do no favors for you in many different ways. To start, your weight and physical health will suffer. The condition of your skin, teeth, and nails will suffer, and, you guessed it, the softness of your beard will suffer. A dry and brittle beard is often indicative of the physical condition of your body. Whether this is because you aren’t drinking enough water, or you only eat cheeseburgers for every meal, you should want to make a change.

Make sure that you are eating a balanced diet of grains, meats, good fats, fruits, and vegetables. The good fats especially, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are known for making your hair (beard and head) softer. If you have dietary restrictions or are a picky eater, then taking a multivitamin or a couple of supplements every day can also help you to balance out your diet and make your beard softer.

Use Beard Balm and Oil

 A lot of men tend to think that they are above the use of fancy beard balms and oils, but those men are wrong. One of the best tricks to getting a soft and well-maintained beard is to use a nice beard oil or balm. When applied daily, beard oil will make a huge difference in the condition of your beard. We have a whole article specifically on beard balm and oil you can check out to learn more.


 Now is the time to get the best beard of your life. With these tips and tricks, you will impress everyone and have all the men who see you wishing that they had a beard as beautiful and soft as yours.

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