Salt and Pepper Beard – Styles, Must-Know Facts, & Common Questions

Bald with Long Beard

Salt and pepper beards are sure to make an impression. Whether you’re young or in your prime, the salt and pepper beard color is one that gives men a fancy look that differs from the norm. However, as popular as it is, not everyone can pull it off – and some people don’t even have a choice whether they want to do it or not.

In this article, we’ll be exploring all about the best salt n pepper beard and telling you all you need to know about salt and pepper beards, ranging from styles to questions that are often asked about this style.

Find out how you can pull off the best styles of salt and pepper beards with this complete breakdown!

Bald with Long Beard

What is a Salt and Pepper Beard?

Salt and pepper beards are beards that combine the person’s natural beard color with grey hair. This style usually comes naturally with age, so there’s really not much that people can do to avoid it (other than dyeing their hair, of course), but seeing how popular a salt n pepper beard is among women, many men actually opt to dye their hair with grey coloring to visually speed up their biological clocks.

Whether natural or dyed, having a base hair color with grey shading is often referred to as a salt and pepper look.

Reasons Why You May Want a Salt and Pepper Beard Style

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for a salt and pepper look. The most important reason is simply that you like it, in which case you should let no one stop you from trying it. In any case, here are four other reasons why salt and pepper facial hair could be the way to go for you:

  • It Makes Men Look Mature – Grey hair is always associated with maturity. Even if a young man with a young face has no beard and grey hair, he’ll instantly look older than he would with hair of a single color
  • Men with Grey Beards Have a “Caretaker” Appeal – There’s something that women love about older men. The best salt and pepper beards will give you that appeal without having to age yourself. Or, if you can grow it naturally, then you can thank genetics for saving you hair dye money
  • Helps with Baby-Faced Looks – Plenty of baby-faced men simply don’t know what to do to fix their young look. Dye beard salt and pepper and the results could be precisely what you need.
  • It’s a Confidence Booster – The sense of maturity that a salt and pepper beard provides isn’t just for people looking at it. A man who can pull off this beard style should also see a significant increase in his confidence.

How to Dye Your Beard Salt and Pepper

Hot salt and pepper beards are not hard to achieve at all. Almost any man that can grow a beard will look good with a salt and pepper beard.

1. Test How It Works

We know that diving straight into the package of your new salt and pepper hair dye is a very tempting thing to do, but you have to take proper measures first. Make sure that you apply a small portion of the dye into your skin and see if you don’t have an allergic reaction within a day.

If you apply it directly to your beard, you may be left with a very itchy albeit extremely good-looking salt n pepper beard.  Once you’ve tested the product, proceed to step two.

2. Wash Your Facial Hair

Be sure to thoroughly wash your facial hair before applying the dye. There are plenty of products that you can get to dye your hair at home (they come with instructions and are often easy to use), but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you can also go to a stylist and get it done.

Be sure to get one of our recommended dyes if you plan to get it done at home, though.

3. Apply the Grey Dye on Your Beard

Gently apply the dye on your hair and be sure to have your comb ready beforehand. Once the dye is on your beard, try to comb it from front to back first. Do that as much as you can, until you’re comfortable with how it’s being spread. Then, proceed to comb your hair sideways.

Be patient and be sure to take as much time as needed for the dye to spread across your hair. This will allow you to get the natural look that makes salt and pepper beard so popular.

4. Dye Your Hair as Well (Recommended)

We know that we’re mainly talking about the famous salt and pepper look on your beard, but we fully recommend you dye your hair as well. This will allow the loo on your beard to look even more natural.

The process of dyeing your hair is just the same as the one you did with your beard. You need to be equally patient (if not more, depending on how much hair you have) to make the dye spread evenly and naturally.

The Best Salt and Pepper Beard Dye

There’s only one way to dye beard salt and pepper without it looking unnatural, and that’s by getting a good quality dye.

Low-quality dyes could not only cause extreme allergic reactions, but they’re likely to work poorly as well. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a couple of hours getting your dye to make you look just like you want to, only for it to wash off in a couple of days.

Knowing how to dye your hair is crucial to pull off the best salt and pepper beards, but the product that you choose will also define your looks.

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Should You Try to Rock a Salt and Pepper Beard?

If you like the way a man with a salt and pepper beard looks, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it. Modern hair dyes can make it very easy to have your hair and beard dyed, looking grey, and still looking very natural.

Men with naturally younger profiles could give the salt and pepper beard a try to enhance their appearance.

So, are salt and pepper beards attractive to you? There’s only one way to find that out: try out the look! Worst case scenario, you can change it back. Although, we do recommend you try one of those “how would this look on me” apps before you do it if you don’t wish to take a big risk.

Caring For Your Beard – Keep It Looking Good

So, you’ve decided to dye beard salt and pepper to see how it looks?

  • Do not underestimate the importance of grooming your beard. Comb it on a daily basis – especially if your facial hair doesn’t grow straight. This will prevent annoying tangling
  • Don’t forget to trim your facial hair. There’s a very thin line before being attractive and looking outright messy – and that line is often represented as a couple of inches of hair.
  • Hydrate your beard. No matter whether you’re pulling off a natural salt and pepper beard style or something dyes, keeping your facial hair hydrated will translate into a better look.

Are Salt and Pepper Beards Attractive?

Part of the reason why salt and pepper beards are so attractive, especially to younger women, is because of that strange and seemingly mainstream “old man” kind that has been going around for a few years. But, contrary to what you may read in some online forums, that’s not the only reason why.

Women may find a man with salt and pepper beard attractive simply because it makes them look mature. Plenty of women find a young look to be a turnoff, and there’s no better way to combat such nonsense than with a beautiful grey style and salt and pepper facial hair.

salt and pepper beard

Famous Men Who Rock the Salt and Pepper Beard with Style

The best salt and pepper beards can usually be found in older men, but the best salt and pepper beards are not always natural. As we said (and told you how to get done), many people opt to rock this style rather than wait for time to do its thing.

Now, if you want to see some examples of hot salt and pepper beards, you may want to look into the most famous people that use this style. Hollywood is a safe bet to find them, and we’ve come across all sorts of people that may teach you a thing or two about how to pull off a pepper beard.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm may have jumped into stardom with his legendary role in Mad Men, but his salt and pepper hair and beard look has come naturally with age – years after the iconic TV series ended. Having turned 50 in 2021, the popular actor is often seen rocking a very distinctive salt and pepper hair and beard combo that makes him even more popular among women.

Idris Elba

Here’s an example of a famous actor who doesn’t even need a lot of hair to look good with a salt and pepper beard. If you’ve ever wondered if a man with salt and pepper beard and no hair can look good, then simply take a quick glimpse at Idris Elba.

He often rocks a salt and pepper beard and hair combo, but his beard has many more grey hairs than the hair in his head. Sometimes, a pepper beard is all it takes!

George Clooney

George Clooney is widely regarded as one of the most attractive men on the planet – and he has been holding that title for many decades now. However, now that he’s aged, his salt and pepper style has also come to be one of the most famous in the world. Granted, his hair is now much whiter than before, but check out how he looked a few years ago and you’ll see how good S&P can look.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is not a guy that you always picture with a beard, but he’s pulled off multiple beard styles of varying lengths in the past decade. You can check out the style he pulled off at the premiere of Avengers: Endgame to see an example of one of his best salt and pepper looks.

Javier Bardem

Bardem is a fantastic example of how good a short salt and pepper beard can look. It provides men with a sense of style without having to grow a long beard, albeit a short beard is almost impossible to dye and it must be grown naturally. Unless, of course, you have an admirable amount of patience.

S&P Beard and Stache – The Ultimate Fashion Trend for Men

Fashion trends come and go, but one seems to always stay relevant: salt and pepper beards.

Are salt and pepper beards attractive? If the answer you’re looking for is whether women find it attractive, then you’ll be very pleased with the answer. In a study conducted in the famous dating app Match, a staggering 71% of the female users of the platform were said to find men with grey hair attractive.

Salt and pepper beard is stylish, gives men a different look, and provides a level of maturity that standard hair simply cannot achieve. Try it out and see if you can pull it off – it can be a life-changer!


Does the Salt & Pepper Beard Make You Look Old?

Men with salt and pepper beards don’t necessarily look old, but they will look older than they’d look with a natural (or uniform) hair color. In fact, it’s because a salt and pepper beard make men look older that so many men love to have it and many even choose to dye their hair when they’re young – especially men that have a young face and wish to distance themselves from a young adult look.