Smooth Viking Beard Brush for Men Review

Smooth Viking Beard Brush for Men Review

Grooming is not just a luxury nowadays, it is a necessity. Having an epic beard is a plus, but hygiene is not just for your looks. It ensures you don’t get mistaken for the homeless guy down the road. Practicing proper beard care will ensure a healthy and stylish looking beard.

Beard Brush and Comb - Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Beard Comb for Men - Facial Hair Care Gift Set for Men - Mustache Styling, Grooming & Shaping Tools

Features of the Smooth Viking Beard Brush for Men:

  • This beard brush is fairly light and compact, at 4.3 x 2 x 1.2 inches and weighing 2.4 ounces.
  • The bristles are all natural, which is great. They use 100% real Black Wild Boars hair.
  • The handle is made of wood.
  • Packaging is simple but works great.
  • The beard brush fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
  • It is actually lighter compared to the other brushes on the market.


  • This beard brush is made from authentic wild boars hair, and it really feels like it! The bristles of this brush are second to none. These bristles are thick enough not to irritate my skin and spaced out enough so that there will not be any patches that are not brushed.
  • The brush does its job really well, especially with moisturizing the beard. The bristles absorbed the beard oil I was using and when I brushed it on my beard toward my chin, it made the hair easier to comb afterward. I also feel that my beard was considerably softer and smoother after.
  • The beard brush is also very durable. Even if you accidentally sat on it, the bristles would remain in place and the handle is thick enough to resist breaking.
  • The design of the beard brush is one you commonly see, but it is lighter and the bristles seem to be spaced out better than most.
  • The bristles are a lot softer than others but at the same time a bit stiffer, meaning that the beard brush can do its job better without scratching your skin.


  • I have been using heavier beard brushes from the start so it took some time to adjust, but this should not be a problem once you get accustomed to it.
  • I have a longer beard, so while it does help me apply the beard oils evenly and effectively, I still need to use a comb.

Caring for Your Beard

Caring for your beard is essential. A beard is very conspicuous and also attractive, not only to other people but also to dust, bacteria, and other things you do not want to live inside your beard or near your face.

Having a beard look stylish is great, but ensuring you have a healthy beard should be the goal. Caring for it will take you from looking like a caveman that wanders into the woods to a sophisticated and mature modern man.

To help others get the look they are trying to achieve, various products have popped up. There are beard oils and balms to moisturize the beard and to add oils that will benefit your beard. There are also beard combs at our disposal that allow us to style and untangle our beards.

Beard Brush VS Beard Combs

Is there a difference between beard brushes and beard combs? Yes, there is.

To put it simply, beard combs are usually wooden and have teeth, like what you see for normal combs people use to style their hair. Beard brushes, on the other hand, have bristles which are usually made of natural or organic materials and are more a collection of thick hair. Typically, higher-quality beard brushes are made of boars hair.

Generally, beard brushes are used for the “young” fresh beard, like a beard that is around 1 to 1 ½ months old depending on how quickly you grow facial hair. Some of us require a longer time whether it’s because of patchy spots they need to fill in or just due to how fast they grow facial hair. Beard combs are used to style and untangle beards while beard brushes are usually used to soften and moisturize the beard.

Which is why finding a great beard brush is essential, not only for those starting to grow their lion’s mane, but also for those with long, full, and glorious beards. Brushes make applying beard oils and beard balms easier and more effective. They are also great for untangling beard hair.

What to Look for In A Beard Brush

Finding a great beard brush is not difficult, but also not easy. The four characteristics people should look for in a beard brush are:

  • The durability, which is primarily seen through the quality of materials.
  • The practicality of the teeth for the comb, or the bristles on beard brushes.
  • The toughness of the beard brush, especially the bristles.
  • The design and sturdiness of the handle.

Verdict: Is the Smooth Viking Beard Brush Worth it?

This is Smooth Viking’s best-selling product for a good reason. The beard brush is light and can fit in your pocket. It is also sturdy and does its job remarkably well. It is easy to untangle and smoothen out my beard with this brush.

My beard is relatively long, so I still need to use a beard comb. However, I can definitely see its use. I recommended this Smooth Viking Beard Brush for Men, especially to those who have just started to grow a beard or those with a shorter beard, like a goatee or a Balbo-style beard.