What is Beard Balm?

Beard Balm

What is Beard Balm?

Those with long beards often have a difficult time protecting their beards from flakes, dirt, and split ends. If you have invested the time into growing an epic beard, it is your duty to ensure that you look after its appearance, or it will quickly deteriorate and look nothing like you previously wanted it to.

Along with beard oil, beard balm is a product that helps you to maintain a healthy-looking beard. Although beard oil is great at leaving your beard smelling great and conditioning it to a certain level, beard balm is quite different in its features. If you are considering getting beard balms, you will be interested in the protective and styling features of maintaining your beard. After all, this is what it is best used for.

What Does Beard Balm do?

Beard balm works by leaving your beard with a coat of protectant after you wash off any unwanted dirt and grime. Think of beard balm as being similar to the protective wax that you might put on your car. When you wash a car, you start by using soap and water to rinse out all of the dirt. However, you will then typically put wax on the car to protect it from unwanted materials sticking to the body.

Beard balm works in the very same manner, with some added perks alongside. After you wash your beard, it is necessary that you protect it from dirt and dry skin flakes sticking in your beard. Many people with glorious beards will first use beard oil to moisturize their beard and skin beneath, and then lastly put beard balm on to assist with styling and protection.

One of the best perks to using beard balm is that it will also make your beard much easier to style. Facial hair doesn’t always go into the position that you want it to simply by combing it in the direction that you desire. This is where beard balm comes in handy. Due to its natural ingredients (I highly suggest balms with natural ingredients), your beard will be both protected from unnecessary elements and easy to style after you apply beard balm.

 How to use Beard Balm

As briefly stated, to use beard balm properly you need to first wash your face and get out as much dirt, flakes, and other nasty elements out of your beard. If you wish to make your beard conditioned and good smelling, then you will use beard oil.

After the skin under your beard is moisturized by applying beard oil, or a similar product such as argan oil or coconut oil, then it is time to apply beard balm. Start by getting a generous portion of beard palm on your hands, and start from the neck, and work your way up.

Go from top to bottom, making sure to apply the beard balm all over your beard, and then run your fingers throughout your entire beard to make sure it is evenly spread out. If done correctly, your beard will now be very easily combed into the position that you want and protected from dirt and grime.

Benefits of Beard Balm

Beard balms are great for helping you maintain a healthy-looking beard, free of dry skin flakes, itchiness, and dirt from walking around outside. Once you have finished washing your beard, most of the unclean elements that you might naturally pick up outside will be gone, but it is still necessary to put on a protective coat to keep out these dirty particles. This is where beard balms come in handy.

Beard balm is also great at helping you style your beard. It does this without leaving flakes. Since it contains natural elements that will leave your beard naturally shiny and easy to style, many people choose to use beard balm for conditioning, moisturizing, protective, and styling purposes.

Beard Balm Ingredients

Beard balm typically contains some natural ingredients that boost the appearance and shiny look of an excellent beard. I prefer purchasing beard balms that include all natural ingredients since it’s better for your beard and the environment. For your reference, here are the top ingredients that are normally used in beard balm so that you can be informed about what you are putting on your beard.

Shea butter

Shea butter is a common ingredient in beard balm that helps you to soften and moisturize your beard. When it is soft and moisturized, it is much smoother to touch, and good looking. This is an ingredient found in many types of beard balms and is a completely natural ingredient.

Oil protectant

A natural type of oil such as sweet almond oil is a popular ingredient that is used to condition your beard. This will leave your beard softer than just using shea butter alone. It also helps to protect unwanted items such as skin flakes and dirt from getting stuck in your beard by forcing them to slide off.


Once you have the conditioning and protective agent applied to your beard, beard balm also includes a sealant such as beeswax which will help to seal in the moisture that comes from shea butter and oil. This will help keep your beard moisturized for longer periods of time and assist in retaining your styling.

What is Beard Balm: Summarized

Beard balm is a great product to consider if you have a longer beard which needs the extra TLC that other products like beard oil cannot handle on their own. If you need a high-quality product for your beard that allows you to style your beard with ease, beard balm is your best choice. In addition to styling, beard balm also has several other benefits. For best results, I would recommend using beard balm in combination with beard oil.

Many people who have long beards often struggle with keeping their beard soft and conditioned. Facial hair is otherwise very rough and scratchy, and beard balm is great at helping you keep a soft coat of beard hair. It also acts as a protectant once cleaned to keep dirt and unwanted grime out of your beard. After applied correctly, it then also has a sealant that keeps all of the wonderful moisture in your beard.