Mad Viking Beard Oil Review

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Mad Viking Beard Oil Review

Mad Viking Beard Company makes a variety of products for your beard that will leave it feeling powerful and pampered like the Vikings of old after a celebratory feast. The beard oils come in thirteen different scents, all boasting sweet names like “Odin’s Rok”, “Dragonshead”, and “Berserker”. Each scent is designed with a masculine aesthetic in mind, meaning you’ll smell both manly and pleasant after each use, no matter which scent you choose.

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  • The style of bottle that comes with a dropper has a dropper that actually reaches the bottom of the bottle. You won’t have to tip the bottle and fish for oil when you’ve gotten low.
  • Great, but not overpowering scents. All of the scents smell awesome but you aren’t going to walk around all day with a 10ft radius of smell going everywhere with you. It’s not too over the top at all.
  • Adds a nice shine to your beard, but not too much. Your beard isn’t going to look like a Turkish oil wrestler but it will have a healthy shine to it after you’ve used the oil. Again, not too over the top here either.
  • Makes even super coarse hair feel soft. If you’ve got dry, coarse, hard to manage hair, give Mad Viking a try. The oils are great at fighting back frizz and adding some moisture back into unruly, wiry hair.
  • Good value. You can find Mad Viking’s 2oz oils on Amazon for $14.99. That may not sound like a lot of oil for the price, but you honestly don’t need a whole lot, as it packs quite a punch when it comes to upping that beard shine.
  • No greasy hair or skin in sight. Yes, it’s oil. Yes, it adds moisture and a little shine. No, it’s not going to leave your face looking like you just stepped out of a bath made of frying oil.
  • The absorption of the oil is top notch. It absorbs right into skin and hair, better than some other beard oils on the market. Some lighter oils also evaporate quickly and you have to reapply, but this one stays in your skin and hair for a while, keeping everything nice and hydrated.


  • It’s “just” beard oil. It can pale in comparison to Mad Viking’s other products, their beard balm for example, if you’ve used those before and been impressed by the results.
  • It doesn’t look like they make a “scentless” version. So if that’s an issue for you, you might want to find a different beard oil. “The Hallow” is one of the scents offered and has a very light and subtle scent, but it’s definitely not scent-free.

All of Mad Viking Beard Company’s products, including their beard oils, are made in the U.S. and are paraben-free. The company also doesn’t test on animals, which is super cool. As an added plus, their customer service and customer interaction are some of the best. Mad Viking has a Facebook group where you can get quick responses to questions or concerns. If you ever have something go wrong with an order, reach out to them and they will do everything they can to fix it. It’s good knowing that even if you don’t like what they have to offer they’re going to help you out.

Mad Viking Odin's Rök
100% Natural & Organic

Why do I need beard oil in the first place?

Beard oil is designed to relieve many issues that beard-holders can face. The oil can soothe any itches underneath your beard and clear away “beardruff” or flaky skin. It soaks into your skin and moisturizes without feeling heavy or sitting on top of the skin. It is also, obviously, good for your beard itself. If your hair is dry, coarse, or brittle, beard oil can give your beard the extra moisture it needs to be soft, healthy, and more easily wrangled. It can also leave your beard with a nice shiny look, but while it is oil, it doesn’t leave behind greasy residue.

There are a lot of products on the market, but a good beard oil should be able to take even the coarsest of beard hair and tame it into soft, smooth, and easy to style.

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Mad Viking Beard Oil: Top Product Specs

  1. Essential Oil Blend: Each one of Mad Viking’s beard oils, regardless of the scent, has a blend of different essential oils. These are all designed to battle the dreaded beard itch while encouraging your beard to continue to grow to its full potential. Even if you don’t know what each oil is or what on earth it’s supposed to do, just know that they’re full of great stuff for the health and look of your beard. The oils are:
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Hempseed oil
  1. Great Scents: Each scent is made with a different oil blend, but all of them aim to make you and your beard smell fresh, clean, and manly. There’s something for everyone, even those naysayers who think any product with a scent isn’t manly enough for them.
  2. All Natural and Organic: Many of the ingredients in Mad Viking’s oils are organic and all are natural. There are no harsh chemicals to ruin your glorious beard and these oils are made to make your beard feel more like a victorious warrior and less like it was wounded after a hard-fought battle with its own coarse hair.
  3. Encourages Beard Growth: Keeping your hair healthy is the best way to make it grow. A long beard is a happy beard.
  4. Moisturizes Skin: Nobody wants to have a bunch of scaly, itchy, flaky skin underneath their beard. Even if the beard on top is looking good, all that gross skin underneath is going to ruin your look. Mad Viking’s got your back and their oils have got your skin covered.

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Trying it Out

One of the scents Mad Viking sells is called “Mjolnir”, as in the hammer of the god Thor. Thor himself is part of the beard club, so the name should be a good sign of things to come.

The scent itself is pleasant and manly. It’s a blend of peppermint, sandalwood, and cedarwood, so it kind of smells like walking around a forest, but there’s also probably some peppermint schnapps somewhere in the thermos you’re carrying.

Beard oil itself is generally easy to apply, so long as you don’t put too much on. Mad Viking beard oil comes in two different types of bottles: one has a spritzer and one has a dropper. If you use the dropper bottle, it’s just a matter of getting a few drops onto your beard, depending on the size you may need more, and then working them throughout your beard and down to the skin. You can do this with your hands but a comb also works. The spritzer is easier since you spray the oil onto your beard and don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling too much onto yourself.

Mad Viking’s beard oils absorb quickly, so it’s important to work it through just as quickly. In no time, your beard is going to shine and your skin is going to feel soft and moisturized. The greatest aspect is that the oil doesn’t leave your skin or beard feeling greasy or bogged down. It’s very light and the oil is going to end up in your beard and skin, not sitting on top of it.

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As far as the scent goes, it has staying power but isn’t overwhelming. Your beard will be smelling great to you and anyone close enough to smell it, but you’re not going to bother a packed movie theater with all those manly, woodsy smells.

For long term use, you should see a noticeable difference in the overall appearance and feel of your beard. One of the reasons beards can get unruly, tangled, and unmanageable is because the hair is too dry and/or very coarse. Mad Viking beard oil helps moisturize, hydrate, and nourish your skin and hair so that your beard ends up smooth and easy to style. Your skin is going to be grateful as well, since keeping it hydrated is going to reduce any skin flaking or dandruff that can easily cause beard itch. Additionally, while it is obviously not really a magical oil sent down from the gods for our use, you may notice that it helps push your hair growth along a bit if you were having trouble before. This isn’t some miracle potion, but keeping your hair and skin healthy just encourages it to grow better.


If beard oil is your beard product of choice or even if you’ve never tried anything and are just getting started, give Mad Viking Beard Company a try. They’ve really got your back when it comes to making high-quality products and delivering them at a decent price. The nice thing about the company is that even if you don’t like beard oils, you’ve got other options. They also offer beard balms, beard washes, beard combs, and mustache wax. You can even pick up some products to keep the rest of your hair and body clean.

Not only are the oils good for your beard’s appearance, but they are good for the overall health of your beard, as well as your skin. Mad Viking’s beard oils have many benefits and provide them better than some other oils on the market, particularly when it comes to absorption rate and choice of scents. Your hair will be tame, your skin will be healthy, you’ll smell great, and you’ll be free to go out into the world and enjoy the glory that comes with having such a great looking beard.

Mad Viking Odin's Rök
100% Natural & Organic


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