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Native American Facial Hair

Native American Facial Hair – Complete Guide

Can Native Americans grow beards? Let’s get this answer out of the way before I begin with an in-depth analysis: yes, they can. It’s a common theme in most Hollywood movies and pop culture references to see most Native American beards to be basically non-existent, but that’s just a theme.

Now, do Native Americans have facial hair like other ethnic groups? Well, not really. That’s what I’m looking to explore in this article to help you better understand the genetics behind Native American beard styles and Native American beards in general so you can have a better idea of why they are the way they are.

Native American Facial Hair

Can Native Americans Grow Facial Hair?

Yes, native Americans grow facial hair just like anyone else. But, just like anyone else, the amount of hair that they can grow is dictated by their body’s programming. Take a closer look at any Native American individual and you’ll notice that most of them have facial hair but not thick beards.

There are exceptions to every rule, though. Can Native Americans grow beards that resemble those of other races? Of course, they can, but not all males can do it – just like not everyone from other ethnic groups can do it either.

The Role of Genetics in Native American Facial Hair

To better understand the growth of a Native American beard, I’m going to take a closer look at the genetics that influence hair growth throughout two of the world’s most relevant ethnic groups, yet two ethnic groups that most people often assume that they can’t grow beards at all.

It’s time for me to dig deep into the genetics of Native American beards to better understand why their facial hair growth differs from other ethnic groups, as well as why some Native American beards are extremely thick while others are barely sparse if they exist at all.

Uncovering the Truth about Native American Beards (and Other Races)

There is an undeniable truth that plays a huge part in answering the question of whether Native Americans facial hair, or any other male’s facial hair, actually grows: genetics.

It doesn’t matter what race or ethnic group you belong to: chances are that some people in your family (or even yourself) can’t grow a beard. That’s because of genetics. Your genes, or the genes of some people in your family, may not allow for a proper beard to grow.

The same principle applies to Native Americans and Southeast Asians, but to a wider scale. Hereditary genes make it far more difficult for members of these ethnic groups to grow beards, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It does explain why there aren’t as many Native Americans facial hair seems to grow the same way as other ethnic groups, though.

Ethnic Groups and Sub-Groups

Different genetic properties play a huge part in the roles of beard growth and body hair growth in general. Asians and Native Americans have similar densities of body hair and facial hair, but that doesn’t mean that neither can grow beards: both can!

Asian Beards and Native American Facial Hair

If you’ve ever wondered “can native Americans grow beards”, you may not know it, but it’s basically the same as wondering whether Asians can grow beards or not. Both races can, but genetics make them generally sparser.  Asians tend to grow thicker beards than Native Americans, though!

Native American Facial Hair

Why do Native American Beards aren’t as Thick?

Why do Native Americans grow facial hair that isn’t as thick as other ethnic groups? Well, to answer this question, we’re going to have to take an imaginary trip back to the days where their ancestors and Asian ancestors were one and the same (both ethnic groups share a common ancestry, in case you didn’t know).

A glance at history books will tell you that these ethnic groups were different and that they never were able to grow full beards precisely because of genetics, so it was common for them to pluck out the hairs rather than rock patchy beard styles.

That’s actually the reason why so many people think that Native Americans don’t have facial hair: it’s just because Native Americans shave them, not because they can’t grow it!

Do Native Americans Have Facial Hair or Only Patchy Facial Hair?

It all depends on the ethnic group of Native Americans that we’re referring to. All ethnic groups can be divided into various sub-groups, and there are numerous Native Americans ethnical sub-groups that make it possible for there to be Native American beards.

A large number of Native American beard styles tend to be patchy, but once again, the answer to this is because of genetics. Never underestimate the importance of biology in the hair and facial hair growth patterns on all the human race.

Why Do Native Americans Have Facial Hair that is Sparser than Usual?

The answer to this question is the same as to why different ethnic groups have different beards that are often distinctive depending on the race that has it: genetics. It is far more common for Native American beards to be sparse, which doesn’t mean that they can’t grow one, but rather that they have their own unique look.

As such, even if you’re a Native American and you can’t grow a non-patchy, thick Native American beard, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for it. In fact, you can create a unique beard look that adapts to the amount of facial hair that you have. Let’s put an end to people wondering “do Native Americans have facial hair” with our guide on Native American Beard styles.

Native American Facial Hair

Best Native American Beards that You Can Use

Now, let’s take a look at the most common Native American beard styles that you will find when looking for the answer to whether do Native Americans grow beards. Naturally, since Native Americans facial hair tends to be patchier, they tend to rock different beard styles that adapt to the amount of hair that they can grow.

Let me be clear with one thing, though: just because a larger number of Native Americans have a beard that isn’t as thick doesn’t mean that they can’t grow a full beard. In fact, if you’re wondering “can Native Americans grow beards or full beards”, then the answer is yes, they can. It depends on their individual genetics, but they can.

These are the best Native American beard styles that can work even if you have sparse facial hair. Do Native Americans grow facial hair? Yes, they do, and here are some styles that they can try out:

Try the Full Native American Beard if You Can

It doesn’t matter if you have a patchy beard or a thick Native American beard – you can always go for the full native American beard look and see how it does. Much like many people rock a full beard even when theirs is patchy, Native American beards can also be fully grown even if they look a bit scares of hair. It doesn’t really matter.

Some Native American beards can be very thick – even if their closest ancestors aren’t mix-raced. It’s a much more likely thing to occur in mix-raced Native Americans, but that doesn’t mean that non-mixed Native American beards can’t grow thick.

Soul Patch

Arguably a beard style that works on almost anyone, the fact that many Native Americans are more likely to grow beard near the mouth and mustache areas makes it possible for them to rock a soul patch. Granted, it’s not the most commonly used beard style and not one that I would recommend to everyone, but combined with a fantastic Native American haircut, it can look really good.

Circle Native American Beard

Another style that is always going to suit someone that knows how to shave it, the circle beard is one that suits most Native Americans that don’t seem capable of growing a lot of facial hair in their cheeks but can grow facial hair in their mustache area as well as all around the mouth.

Some ethnic males use this beard style even if their beards are not as thick as others, as it basically fits anyone that can grow even a slight amount of facial hair. It doesn’t even matter if your mustache and your goatee don’t connect, as the style itself is rather versatile and easy to mold according to your own hair growth.

Turn those “do Native Americans grow facial hair” questions into “that’s a sick beard!” statements with this ageless facial hairstyle!

Extended Goatee

Just like it happens with males of other ethnic groups that can’t grow a lot of facial hair, the main issue of Native American beards is that they aren’t too thick near the cheeks. This issue can be easily counteracted and turned into a fantastic beard style by growing an extended goatee, which is basically a goatee without shaving the facial hair near your jaw (on both sides of the face, of course).

If you can grow a mustache, then let it grow as well. It gives the extended goatee a much more stylized look and helps in making it a more serious beard style. Give it a try even if you can’t connect your mustache to your beard.

Native American Facial Hair

The Risky Side Whiskers

This is a style that I don’t really recommend a lot of people to use, but it can work for a Native American beard if you can’t grow a lot of hair near your mustache and mouth area but you can grow a lot of facial hair near your sideburns.

The side whiskers look is not one that many can pull off, but you can give it a try if you want a beard but can’t grow too much facial hair.

Try a Zappa Native American Facial Hair Variation

Now, the Zappa style is one that I’ve seen Native Americans pull off even better than Caucasians. It’s basically a long mustache with a short-shaven soul patch, and it can really spice up your look. Native American beards tend to have facial hair that is far more sparse than other ethnic groups, so the Zappa look tends to have quite a unique feel when rocked by Native American men.

Out of Options? Go for the Clean Shave

Last, but not least, you can always go for the clean shave if you’re out of options. Don’t try to overdo it with the facial hair if you simply can’t seem to grow any facial hair – it’s never a bad idea to go clean-shaven instead of having your face look like a hairy mess.

Is Native Americans Facial Hair Present in All Ethnic Males?

Just like it happens with Latinos and Asians, almost all Native American men are capable of growing a beard or, at the very least, facial hair of some sort. Most sub-ethnic groups of Native American descent are known to grow light beards, whilst some barely grow facial hair, but all of them do grow it.

You can even look up pictures of Native Americans with full beards if you want to clear up any doubts that may still reside in your mind. Genetics might not be as kind with Native American beards as they are with the beards of other ethnic groups, but human males are often capable of growing facial hair as part of our evolution.

final thoughts

To Sum Up: Native Americans CAN Grow Beards!

So, can Native Americans grow beards? Yes, they can! Now you don’t only know if they grow beards, but you also know why they grow them differently from other people, as well as the reason why some Asian ethnic groups are also incapable of growing thick beards or rocking the beard styles that some males really desire to rock.

We’re all genetically coded in a unique way, which means that every rule has its own exceptions. Some Native American beards may be thicker than usual, while you may look at a Native American beard that barely resembles a stubble. Most Native American men can grow them, though!