Peter’s Beard – Beard Comb Review

Peter’s Beard - Beard Comb Review

I’ve personally tested several beard combs and there’s no doubt Peter’s beard comb is one of the best! If you want to get your hands on one of my favorite beard combs that will do your beard justice, you’ve come to the right place. Say no to beard tangles and mangy beard hair. Below I will cover the pros and cons and let you decide if this comb is for you.

Features of the Peter’s Beard – Beard Comb

  • This beard comb is the lightest comb I have ever used. It weighs almost half of the other combs. It is only 1.4 ounces.
  • The comb is purely wooden and the material used is sandalwood. While I prefer bamboo over sandalwood, this one has great materials since the sandalwood not only looks nice, but it has a fresh wooden scent, meaning that it was not treated with chemicals. This is preferable to chemically treated handles.
  • The comb is two-sided, which is a big plus. One side has the regularly sized teeth usually found with combs, and the other side has the thinner and narrower teeth.
  • The comb is very small and I can actually fit it in my palm. This is very handy and it easily fits in your pocket.
  • The leather case is a nice touch. It looks like a wallet and I find it classier than most.


  • For the comb design, it works really well. I can remove all tangles with the shorter teeth and then style with the standard side.
  • The handle (or more correctly termed spine since there are two sides of teeth) is quite sturdy. I tried to bend it and found that it was quite sturdy.
  • This comb is resilient and the small size hides its sturdiness and strength! It can comfortably fit inside your pocket.
  • This set has a great package. Peter’s Beard is quite a catchy name, and the black corporate package with the classic brown leather case makes this beard comb look very stylish.


  • A tiny nitpick, but I am used to cotton bags rather than a leather case. This is because it is easier to find a cotton bag if you misplace it compared to a leather case, since leather cases are quite a bit smaller. Even though I prefer the leather case.

Features to Look For

We have to take into consideration how sturdy the beard comb is. We can find out by knowing what is it made of.

Real wooden combs are superior to plastic or synthetic ones as they are better for your beard hair. Wooden combs are also generally sturdier.

The utility and number of teeth on the comb.

For beard combs, having two sides is a better deal. That does not mean that combs with only one side of teeth are bad, only that two-sided combs are more convenient and provide more utility.

  • The toughness of the comb, especially the teeth.
  • The design and sturdiness of the handle.


The comb itself is one of my favorites. While my preferred wooden material is bamboo, the sandalwood used here is of high quality. This beard comb also has two sides and while nothing beats the application of oil via a beard brush, the side with smaller teeth can substitute for it.

I would highly recommend this 

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Peter's Brand Beard Comb
Double-Sided, High Quality