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Hello! I’m Jake, the beard behind the scenes here at Made For Beards. If you are questioning if this blog is for you and what it’s all about, then please read on! I will do my best to prove why we are the perfect fit for your beard journey.

To keep your glorious beard, mustache or any combination of the two healthy and thriving, is no easy feat.

Tons of facial hair care products are flooding the market, making your choice difficult. Let alone most advice offered by ‘beard care experts’ has poor or zero results in helping you grow a sleek, eyecatching beard that will turn heads.

So, if you are taking your first steps in growing a glorious beard or if you are already a seasoned beardsmen I bet you could use some first-hand knowledge on the matter!

Our fresh, youthful blog, created by a veteran in beard care and the U.S Armed Forces, revolves around EVERYTHING a bearded man deserves to radiate confidence and manliness.

A Handy Compass In Your Beard Care Trip!


Receive useful information on a variety of products designed for your personal beard grooming needs, the hottest trends in beard combs, beard oils, beard balms, beard scissors/trimmers and more as reviewed by myself or our knowledgeable members.

Funny, light-hearted yet educational: our blog articles will make your trip into the world of facial hair care easier, faster, and most enjoyable!

I launched Made For Beards with the intentions of uniting likeminded beardsmen and to build a thriving community that could share knowledge and experiences we have each undergone while growing out our beard. I want to bolster self-confidence through grooming.

Additionally, I want to end the negative stereotypes surrounding beardsmen in the workforce and society all-together! Unless you rather be mistaken for the local homeless guy.

I want others like myself to embrace the feeling of beard freedom, to embrace that inner manly calling and grow your lions mane!

My journey started four years ago after I embarked on a new adventure after serving four years in the United States Airforce as a firefighter.

I do not consider myself a guru or expert in beard care. However, I will do my best to provide you with valuable information from my personal experience and research over the course of the last four years of my beard journey!

I have tested and undergone research for countless beard grooming products to feel confident in bringing you the best of the best! I do not bull$%!* my reviews in order to push a top brand or skew my views in order to help bring sales to other companies.  I only bring facts to deliver honest opinions for my valued followers.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with the tools and information necessary, so you can feel confident about growing and maintaining a healthy, epic beard!

We make sure you get access to the newest trends by upgrading our page content regularly and presenting multiple products, tips, tricks and little secrets included in a clear, comprehensive, most amusing way.

Whether your beard makes the manliest lumberjacks jealous or if you just sprouted your first beard hair, I know you will find something useful to apply in your bearded journey!

And of course I welcome your comments, reviews and ideas on whatever would make a bearded man’s adventure unforgettable! I look forward to learning from you all just as much as you can learn from me! Feel free to drop me a message HERE!

Thanks For Choosing Made For Beards!

– Jake