How to Shave a Goatee Under the Chin

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How to Shave a Goatee Under the Chin

Learning how to shave a goatee under the chin is the most underappreciated aspect of a good-looking goatee beard. In this article, I’m going to guide you through the steps that you need to follow in order to grow and shape the best goatee beard that the world has ever seen – or I will die trying.

In any case, learning how to trim a goatee is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Those perfect-looking goatees that you see in the movies that seem to have been made with surgical precision are actually achievable at home.

This full yet practical guide will take you through the steps that you’ll need to follow during your shave gotee session to achieve the highest-quality goatee beard that you could shape in front of your bathroom mirror.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated but put on your game face before we begin – epic beard stuff’s about to go down on this Van Dyke beard guide!

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Step-by-Step Goatee Shaving Guide

I know that many of you may not have a ton of professional tools to work with, so I’m here to teach you how to shave a goatee under the chin and on your face with basic beard trimming tools. All you really need is a beard trimmer with different height levels and, for your own comfort, a beard comb is recommended.

There’s one more thing: you may want to let your beard grow for a couple of weeks after you’ve cleanly shaven it. A short goatee beard is much more difficult to get right – especially around the neckline.

If you have these beard grooming implements nearby, a couple of weeks’ worth of facial hair, and you’re eager to trim right now, then check out this quick guide and get down to business:

Before We Being: Let Us Exfoliate

If you’re going to learn how to trim a goatee or even if you just want to know how to shave a goatee under the chin, the most important aspect of shaving and trimming your beard is one that many people seem to underestimate: exfoliating your skin before we get down to business.

It might seem like an irrelevant part of your shave gotee session and one that many might not consider an overall relevant part of shaving, but I cannot stress this enough: exfoliate your skin before you begin to remove all those dead cells. You’ll want your skin to be as healthy and clean as possible before we begin to trim your beard.

1. Trim Your Entire Beard to Make It Look Even

Now that your skin is ready to have your facial hair shaved, make sure you trim your beard to the same length before you begin. Facial hair grows differently and an even look is the best approach you can take before you start working on your goatee beard outlines.

I suggest you shave your beard to anything between 8mm to 10mm, depending on your own personal preferences. Oh, and don’t forget to comb your facial hair first – you’ll want to untangle all of your beard before shaving off stuff that you don’t really want to shave. We recommend a beard comb.

Shave it all first and then move on to step two. This is precisely why leaving it grow for a couple of weeks is of utmost importance, as it will let you easily learn how to line up a goatee.

Does Combing a Beard Help It Grow?

2. How to Line Up a Goatee

Trim a Goatee Outline

Now comes the most important part of beard trimming: creating a good-looking outline for it all. Trim an outline depending on the style that you prefer, but make sure to keep your mustache connected to the facial hair on your chin.

You’ll want to create the perfect outline using your electric beard trimmer.

Once you’re happy with the way it looks and you’ve trimmed the outline for your beard, make sure to create sharp corners in “every turn”, so it looks more stylized.

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3. Work on Your Under Chin Goatee

Arguably the most important part of how to line up a goatee is to define how far you want it to go. The neckline of your goatee is going to define your style, so you’ll want to make sure that you get it right from the start.

I’m going to assume that you already know what style you want before you follow this guide and begin to shape your goatee beard. If you don’t, check out the next section of the article for guides on under chin goatee styles.

Remove all of the excess hair from your chin using the electric trimmer, and follow these tips to properly learn how to shave a goatee under the chin:

  • Comb your beard facial hair once more to remove any knots.
  • Use a mirror and pull your head upwards to see how much hair you can actually shave
  • Make sure to shave it depending on the amount of hair that you can work with. Again, check out the “how far should your goatee extend through your neckline” section if you’re unsure of what to do or how much hair to shave.
  • Most importantly, shave it to the point where you’re satisfied with it. Start close to your Adam’s apple and move closer to your chin.

4. Shave Clean the Excess Facial Hair

Once you’re happy with your newly-created goatee outline, you’ll want to shave off the rest of your facial hair. Set your trimmer to the minimum length and get rid of all the excess beard hair in your jawline and your cheeks.

Argan Oil For Beard

5. Hydrate Your Skin

You may think that you’re done now that your newly-shaved beard is looking all good and slick, but wait – there’s more!

Just like we began our trim gotee session with an exfoliation session, it’s time for you to care for your skin now that you’ve shaven. Be sure to moisturize your skin with water, and then apply your aftershave lotion or beard oil to maintain your skin in the healthiest of states.

Goatee Beard Styles:

As you can see, I’ve already described the best way in which you can shave your goatee to make it look like a classic goatee beard. However, each person has a different taste and different styles from which they can draw inspiration from.

This guide is easily adaptable to different types of under chin goatee styles, but let’s take a closer look at other different goatee styles and how far they should extend through your neckline depending on what you’re looking to achieve

Clean/Classic Goatee

The clean or classic goatee is the one that you’re probably here for. It’s easy to learn how to line up a goatee like this, as all you need is to shave it around two fingers above your Adam’s apple and you will be good to go. This is the goatee look that I went for when I wrote this guide.


Bald with goatee beard

Extended Goatee

The extended beard is a style that suits almost everyone who feels like the classic goatee is just a bit too short for them. It’s basically the same under chin goatee but extending a little bit more than usual.

The best way to describe an extended goatee would be to picture a goatee that reaches the same length as a thin chin strap beard would reach on your face. Shave your under chin goatee like you would if you were to use a full chinstrap to achieve this look.

Long Goatee Neckline

The long goatee neckline is a style that not many people go for, but it’s one that may suit your needs – especially if you intend to let the rest of your beard grow sooner rather than later. A long goatee neckline basically means that you’ll let your goatee grow beyond the neckline itself – usually a centimeter (0.4 inches) apart from your Adam’s apple.

The Perfect Under Chin Goatee for You

There’s no way to know what under chin goatee will work best for you until you try it. There are quite a few goatee beard styles to choose from, so don’t worry, you’ll find the right one for you. You may want to try out rocking the look on your own now that I’ve shown you how to shave a goatee under the chin to perfection.

Remember: this is all a matter of trial and error – especially if you’ve never shaved a goatee / circle beard before.

Tips on How to Get the Perfect Goatee for Your Appearance

Alright, let’s get one more thing straight: your under chin goatee look may seem perfect on someone else, but you may be doing yourself the opposite of a favor by trying out the same look on yourself. As such, I want to give you a couple of tips on how to get the perfect goatee for your appearance and make sure that your beard style of choice actually suits you.

Knowing how to line up a goatee might seem like the most important step to take when working on your beard style, but knowing what looks good on you is just as important – if not more.

Combing beard

Research Goatee Looks on the Internet

Check out the many types and goatee neckline styles on the internet. There’s not really much you can do to change the shape of your mustache when going for a classic look; however, knowing how other people look with different goatee neckline styles will allow you to create a perception of what may work best for you and what doesn’t.

Ask for a Second Opinion

It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but if you truly want to see if your shave gotee has worked, you may want to ask someone you know for a second opinion. They can tell you, with all honesty, whether your newly under chin goatee looks good or not. Always listen to the advice of others if you care for how you’ll be seen with your goatee on the streets!

What to Do if You Still Don’t Know How to Trim a Goatee

A well trim gotee is not easy to pull off on your own – especially if you’ve never tried out shaving one before. As such, you’re going to need to arm yourself with enough patience to slowly pull off the look, but there are steps that you can take if all else fails.

In fact, there are two main steps that we recommend you take if you’re struggling to learn how to trim your goatee correctly:

  • Get yourself picture references. If you somehow can’t define just how far to shave your goatee, look for a picture online of someone that has the goatee style that you’re looking for and carefully shave yours to make it similar to theirs.
  • Hit the barbershop. You may not have the patience or the skill to pull off a clean under the chin goatee shave – there’s no shame in contacting a professional in that case.

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Advice for Goatee Beard Shaving

Worry not, my dear friend; not only am I here to teach you all you need to learn about how to shave a goatee under the chin, but I’m also here to bring you additional tips on how to line up a goatee to perfection.

Follow these three fundamental Van Dyke tips that will define the quality of your goatee style, and don’t underestimate them by any means:

  • Make sure to buy an electric beard trimmer if you don’t already have one. Most of my shaving guides require one as it makes it much easier to trim and even out your beard.
  • If your trimmer doesn’t have any measurements in millimeters, I suggest you go for a number 2 or number 3. If your trimmer doesn’t even have numbers, you may want to get yourself a new one that has different guards.
  • Let your beard grow before you try to trim. It’s always much easier to trim a goatee style and shape it when you have a lot of hair than when you’ve recently shaven.

final thoughts

You’re Ready to Pull Off the Perfect Goatee Shave – Get Down to Business!

I have given you all the tips that I know about how to shave a goatee under the chin to make it look as perfect as possible. It’s now time for you to let your beard grow and trim it when it looks ready to go. In most cases, you’ll want to wait between two to three weeks after having shaved clean before you start shaping that beard.

If you think that you’re ready and that you have the patience to pull off a trim, then what are you waiting for? Get that electric beard trimmer ready and keep your hand steady!