How to Grow a Tony Stark Beard

tony stark beard

Rock the Tony Stark Beard

There’s no better way to take a man’s beard to next level quite like the Tony Stark beard, a crucial part of  Iron-Man aka Robert Downey Jr that we have grown to love.

I know how coveted this look is, but I’ve also seen far too many people fail to pull it off – and let me tell you, the Iron Man beard style is not forgiving towards those who fail to take proper care of their beards!

In any case, I think it doesn’t make any sense to suffer while still trying to pull off the amazing Robert Downey Jr look. I’m going to present you with a full guide on how to properly care for your facial hair so you can grow that Robert Downey Jr beard in no-time.

A small disclaimer before I go on, though: you should be able to grow quite a good beard if you want to flawlessly pull off the Tony Stark beard. Don’t be deceived by its seeming lack of facial hair on the cheeks: not everyone can grow it! Be prepared for some trial-and-error when growing the Tony Stark beard style.

The Best Tools to Trim Your Tony Stark Beard

One of the best things about this particular beard style is that you don’t need to buy a bunch of crazy tools to tailor it, nor will you need to spend a fortune on new grooming tools. In fact, if you’ve already tried other beard styles before, chances are that you already have all the tools that you need to have the perfect Iron Man beard. These tools need are as follows:

  • A pair of grooming scissors
  • Electric beard trimmer
  • Beard comb
  • Barber’s razor
  • Brow pencil (a must if you have a patchy beard)
  • Beard Balm (not to overuse and only if your facial hair is messy)

Steps to Follow for the Perfect Iron Man Beard Style

I don’t want to oversimplify the process, but it’s honestly not as difficult as it may seem to pull off a Tony Stark look – provided that you have a decent pulse and a steady hand while you shape your beard, of course. These are the simple steps that you need to closely follow to have a Tony Stark beard:

1. Begin with a Simple Combing Job

Items required: Beard comb

First things first: comb your beard and make sure to untangle any hairs that may have knotted. A simple combing job will do the trick, but be sure to use your beard comb and not a regular hair comb!

Next, try to brush your beard outward to essentially fluff it so that it’s easier to cut and trim.

I know that many people opt not to buy one thinking that their regular hair comb will do the trick, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth: you’ll need a small comb if you truly want to untangle your facial hair.

shave beard with axe

shave beard with axe

2. Trim Your Beard First

Items required: Trimming Scissors, Electric Trimer (optional), Beard Comb (optional)

It’s time to find a picture of Downey Jr. himself before we move on with the process. You’ll want to be sure that you have the shape just right before you turn on that trimmer if you intend to use one during this step.

Grab your scissors and remove all excess hair from your face. This is especially necessary if you have a long beard already and you’re opting for a shorter look. You can use the electric trimmer and a beard comb to shape the part of the beard that will go from your jawline to your chin.

Remove all excess hair from your cheeks. Do it as if you were going for the chin strap look, but remove most of it and keep just the part that Tony does as the chin strap approaches your mouth.

3. Even the Beard Out with the Electric Trimmer

Items required: Electric Trimmer

Pick up that electric trimmer of yours and set it at 5 to 7 mm. Shave your beard to make sure that it’s at a good length. You may have probably missed some parts when trimming with your scissors.

Do not touch your mustache yet, though! We’ll leave that for last.

If you want to air on the side of caution, you can set the length a bit longer and work your way down to a shorter length.

4. Shape the Goatee and Fix Your Soul Patch

Items required: Electric Trimmer

Now, it’s time to fix your goatee and your soul match. You will need to make your soul patch like an hourglass shape, so be sure to remove any excess hair from the sides and keep it looking as clean as possible. Use the electric trimmer to fix your soul patch and your goatee – remember that we’ll be using the brow pencil to fill out any patches.

Make sure to leave that distinctive shape of the goatee that connects to the semi chin strap. Do not shave it or you’ll be missing out on the most important part of the Tony Stark Beard look!

5. Trim Your Moustache

Items required: Electric Trimmer, Barber’s Razor (optional)

Use your electric trimmer to remove all excess hair from your mustache area and even it out with the same length as the rest of your beard. Set it to the minimum length to correctly shape the beard. Use this step of the process to check your entire face and ensure that you’ve properly shaped the beard. Remove any excess hair if necessary.

You can use a barber’s razor to outline anything that may have ended up looking messy with the trimming razor. Don’t cut yourself, though! It’s a tad easier to shape Tony Stark goatee than a classic anchor beard because of the no-mustache rule. Nevertheless, both the anchor beard and the Stark beard can be challenging in their own ways.

6. Fix those Patchy Areas

Items required: Brow Pencil

Your look is almost done by now! All you need to do is “color” the patchy areas in a natural way. Please, do everyone a favor and don’t overdo it with the pencil – you won’t be looking any good if you paint your entire beard.

If your beard is too patchy in the goatee or lower chin area, you may not be able to pull off the Tony Stark look without having it look like a manual outline!

7. Shape it with Beard Balm

Items required: Beard Balm

Tidy everything up with some beard balm if it’s unruly to keep your beard looking nice, fresh, and shiny through the day!

8. Enjoy the Stark Beard!

Items required: None – just your newly-boosted ego!

If you’ve followed all of these steps to perfection, then you’re ready to pull Tony Stark’s beard style that he had in the movies. Tony Stark’s beard is not for everyone, but if you look good after following these steps, then you’re more than ready to walk out with confidence!

What You’ll Need to Pull Off Tony Stark’s Beard

I have compiled a small list of 4 fundamental things that you’ll need if you truly intend to rock that Tony Stark beard style to perfection. Here they are:

  • You must be able to grow a decent amount of non-patchy hair. Especially in the mustache, chin, side, and frontal parts of your beard.
  • Superhero Patience. This style takes a lot of time to perfect and even more time to maintain. It won’t be a one-off trimming job!
  • Steady Hands. Not everyone has the ability to keep their hands steady when shaving to obtain the perfect Tony Stark beard style. You’ll need to have quite a steady hand just like Tony Stark when creating his Iron Man suit!
  • Last but not least, you’ll need a picture of Tony Stark. You can’t expect to pull the look from memory now, do you?

Tricks for Maintaining Your Tony Stark Beard

Now that you’re done with that awesome-looking beard, you’re probably more than ready to wrap it up and hit the streets to showcase it. That’s good! However, those looks might quickly turn from flattering glances to confused glares if you don’t properly care for your Robert Downey Jr beard.

Keep in mind that the Iron Man beard style is one that requires a ton of everyday care. I don’t want you walking around looking like Tony Stark when he got kidnapped by the bad guys in the first movie – although one could argue that he still managed to maintain his beard quite well.

Here are the three tips that you must follow in order to keep your Tony Stark facial hair looking as perfect as possible:

  • Care for your beard and take proper care of it after showering or shaving. The Stark look requires constant care – just ask Robert Downey Jr!
  • Daily Stark beard touch-ups are a must or else it’ll just become a regular goatee or messy facial hair.
  • Take better care of your Stark beard by eating healthier. That’s the only way of keeping your facial hair at a good standard and your Robert Downey Jr beard at its best