Argan Oil for Beard

Argan Oil For Beard

This post was most recently updated on November 25th, 2018

Argan oil is one of the premier ingredients which has long been known to help moisturize your beard, helping to build a beard which is soft to touch and in turn is easier to style. Argan oil is a product which is popularly made in Morocco. Thanks to globalization and the growing interconnected nature of the world, this product is now easily acquired without taking an overseas trip to the exotic African country.

If you want some of the best cosmetic qualities for your beard but don’t have the money to take a trip to Morocco, you can buy the finest Moroccan argan oil from the comfort of your home and have it shipped to you within a week or less. Before we break down the best argan oil for your beard, let’s first take a look at some of the most important factors that you should consider before breaking out your hard earned cash.




Argan oil for beard: Buying guide

There are many variables that you should take a look at before you spend money on the first argan oil that you find. Firstly, argan oil is a popular Moroccan product, so if you find an argan oil product whose ingredients come from another country, you are one step closer to finding the best argan oil for your personal needs. However, here are some other things you should look at.


Thankfully, argan oil is not something which you should expect to pay your entire weekly paycheck for. Although, it is not easily found from wild plants all over the world, there are many different manufacturers in the industry which has driven the price down to an affordable level.

In any case, you shouldn’t pay anything more than $20 for 4 fluid ounces of Moroccan argan oil. If you do happen to find a product which is above this price, make sure to consider the other factors below before you decide whether the price is worth the benefit that you will receive from the product.


In addition to having pure Moroccan argan oil, there are typically other ingredients which go into high-quality argan oil. For example, some people will prefer to purchase a product which is organic so that they can receive a sustainable product.

Additionally, many high-quality argan oil products might contain other ingredients such as sweet almond oil, rose water, and other plant-based oils which are known to help promote a healthy beard. If you want to learn how to make your own beard oil, there are a wide variety of other ingredients that you might choose to combine with your argan oil once you receive it.

The Smell

Having a product which smells great is one of the most important factors in my opinion that you should consider before you buy argan oil. Naturally, argan oil has a great smell. However, when combined with other ingredients this smell can either be amazing, or sub-par. For best results, research all of the ingredients to ensure that you will have a great smelling beard when you use this product. Especially scents that you enjoy!


If you plan on purchasing argan oil online, odds are that you don’t want to constantly be placing new orders to keep your beard moisturized. As a result, it is important that you get a product with around 4 fluid ounces or purchase in bulk. The more argan oil you purchase at one time, the lower the price is. After all, it is always cheaper to purchase products in bulk.

The Rugged Bros Moroccan Argan Oil

This product from the Rugged Bros features argan oil manufactured in Morocco. It is a great argan oil product worth considering due to its affordable price, other ingredients, decent quantity, and moisturizing qualities.


  • 4 fluid ounces of Moroccan argan oil
  • The spray-on bottle makes it easy to apply
  • Argan oil mixed with sweet almond oil and rose water


  • Affordable price
  • Orange blossom scent smells great and eliminates the need for cologne
  • The bottle is designed with a spray cap, making it easy to apply
  • Promotes a soft-healthy beard
  • Easily used with other beard-care products


  • Price per fluid ounce is a tad higher
  • Fewer fluid ounces means you need to purchase more frequently

AsaVea 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan oil

This argan oil from AsaVea is a great option for anybody who prefers to use products which are made without the use of pesticides.


  • 2 fluid ounces of Moroccan argan oil
  • Organic Moroccan Argan oil
  • Dropper bottle which makes doses easier to see


  • Affordable price
  • Natural smelling product made with organic ingredients
  • Helps moisturize the skin below the beard
  • Helps promote soft, moisturized beard hair
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee


  • Made in the USA, but says it is “Moroccan” argan oil
  • More expensive per fluid ounce than other argan oil products

Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

This argan oil product from Majestic pure contains 100% pure Moroccan argan oil with no other additives or ingredients. If this is what you are looking for, you will end up getting a great deal with this product.


  • 4 fluid ounces of Moroccan argan oil
  • Young argan oil full of nourishing fresh ingredients
  • Glass dropper bottle makes it easy to visualize how much oil you use


  • Very affordable price
  • High-quantity
  • Naturally comes with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and natural antioxidants
  • Hydrates both your skin and beard
  • Imported from Morocco
  • Fresh ingredients less than 3 months old


  • Doesn’t contain other ingredients to boost the smell.


Argan oil for beard: Summary and verdict

If you want to find the best argan oil for your personal needs, you should first consider the factors presented in the buying guide. If you simply want the most affordable argan oil of the highest quantity, the first option you should look at is the Majestic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil.

However, some men want to use an argan oil which is made with organic ingredients. If this is you, you should first look at the AsaVea Moroccan Argan Oil. made with 100% organic ingredients. In any case, make sure to get the one that suits your needs and budget.