How to Choose the Best Carrier Oil for Your Beard

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Learn How to Choose the Best Carrier Oil for Beard

Growing a beard is one of the most coveted needs of a modern-day gentleman. One of the most important aspects of growing a beard is choosing the best carrier oil for beard – and that’s assuming that you know of the important role that carrier oils and essential oils play in beard care!

Letting your beard grow is by far the easiest part of actually having a beard. Let’s face it: if growing a beard was as simple as letting it grow, we’d be looking at many more people with facial hair than what we currently see today.

Maintaining it might not be as simple as one would wish for it to be, but it’s a quite rewarding activity and even a relaxing hobby – and I’m here to tell you why the best essential oils for beards can play a crucial role in beard care.

Let me get one thing straight: I’m not here to tell you that essential oils will cure anything – don’t you worry about that nonsense. Instead, I’m going to analyze why their natural properties make them ideal to be used on your facial hair based on my own experience.


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Consider These Tips When Choosing Carrier Oils for Beard

Choosing an essential oil solely because of its aroma is a rookie mistake that I don’t want you to make (I’ve been there before, so trust me on this one). Instead, consider these four tips before opting to buy an essential oil as well as its ideal carrier oil:

  • Check the Oil Absorption – Essential oils are great for your beard, but you probably don’t want to run around with your face feeling sticky all day. Check the absorption properties of your oil!
  • Know Your Skin before Buying – Essential oils work differently depending on each type of skin. Know your type of skin before using essential oils to avoid rashes or irritations.
  • Compare Oil Aroma vs Carrier Odor – Ideal carrier oils tend to come with a very mild aroma – if any at all. Make sure that the smell of your carrier oil isn’t going to mess with the aroma of your main essential oil when creating a custom beard oil.
  • Determine Shelf Life – Buying carrier oils for beard is not necessarily going to be a weekly or monthly expense. Make sure that your favorite oil’s shelf life adapts to your needs.

Best Carrier Oil for Beard – Our Top Picks

Every beard enthusiast should keep in mind the various types of carrier oils for your beard that you have at your disposal. The best carrier oils and essential oils for beard care vary depending on your type of skin, your type of hair, and your own personal preferences regarding aroma and consistency.

I want you to have a clear idea of how the most important properties of each oil carrier for beard before you buy them. Here, I present to you the best beard oil carrier oils depending on your personal needs:

Jojoba Oil – Best Overall

Aroma: Almost non-existent

Jojoba oil is a staple component in most beard oils on the market – and there’s a very good reason for it. This oil comes packed with vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that makes it the best carrier oil for beard to complement any essential oils that you intend to apply on your skin or hair.

On top of that, jojoba oil leaves your skin well hydrated, free of any irritations, and it makes your hair look super shiny. Jojoba oil as close as you’re going to get to the perfect oil carrier. Combine it with lavender oil to create one of the best oils for beard care that I’ve ever tried!

Apricot Kernel Oil – Best for Itchy Skin

Aroma: Lightly sweet

Apricot Kernel oil is a must-have product for itchy skin, as it comes packed with fatty acids that keep your skin in a great shape combined with a healthy amount of Vitamin E. It’s a very good choice over other carrier oils overall, and it just falls short of being my top pick because of Jojoba’s almost flawless qualities for beard care.

This is a fantastic oil carrier to apply on your beard if you suffer from itchy skin under it, or if you happen to see irritation marks after shaving or showering.

Sweet Almond Oil – Best for Dry Skin

Aroma: Strongly Nutty

Arguably one of the strongest scents for beard carrier oils, sweet almond oil is used to complement beard oil mixes that may not smell too well on their own. This oil serves as a great third-component for beard care mixes and does a fantastic job at keeping your skin hydrated.

On top of that, sweet almond is easily absorbed by the skin. It will keep you from feeling ‘sticky’ when going out after applying beard oil, provided that your mix’s main component is absorbent enough on its own. Making it a great choice among other carrier oils




Sunflower Oil – Best for Hair Growth

Aroma: Mild fatty odor

Sunflower oil has fantastic properties – especially when it comes to its ability to stimulate hair growth. However, there’s a very good reason why not many people like to use it as the main essential oil in a beard care formula: it smells really bad. In fact, I rather refer to this oil’s aroma as an odor instead – it’s not pleasant at all!

When used in small quantities, though, Sunflower oil is great. That’s why it takes a spot on my list of best carrier oils.

It stimulates hair growth, makes your facial skin regenerate faster, and does a fantastic job at treating mild skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis.

Castor Oil – Best for Shiny Beard

Aroma: Mild earthy smell

Castor oil is your go-to carrier oil for your beard if you’re looking for a product that will keep your facial hair looking shiny. It’s a fantastic lubricator for your beard, and it keeps your skin from getting irritated. Plus, it does quite a decent job at promoting hair growth, albeit not at the same level as Sunflower oil does. It has a tolerable smell that easily dilutes with the best essential oils for beard, though! So if you’re looking for shine, castor oil is the best out of all the carrier oils.

Vitamin E Oil – Best for Preventing Hair Loss

Aroma: Nearly odorless

Vitamin E oil is one of the best carrier oils to complement a mix with Lavender or FHazelnut oils It’s by far, one of my favorites! As you can imagine, it’s made to keep your skin healthy when combined with other oils, but it’s one that you cannot apply to your skin directly or it may severely damage it.

When applied to a formula and mixed with other oils, Vitamin E oil will enhance the hair-growth properties of essential oils and keep your hair looking shiny for extended periods of time.

Best Oils for Beard Care

If you’ve made it this far, then you should now have a clear idea of which carrier oil works best for you – nice! However, there’s something else that you cannot underestimate: the best oils for beard care are as important as the carrier oils that you ultimately choose to use.

I’m going to tell you about the best essential oils for beard care cataloged by the different effects that they cause.


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Lavender Oil – Best Overall

Aroma: Light & Calm

The smell of lavender is as relaxing as soothing essential oils go, but that’s not the only reason why it takes my best overall pick for beard oil mix. This fantastic and popular essential oil is great for revitalizing hair, keeping your skin soft, cleansing your dermis, and even diminishing any looks of blemishes where you apply it.

There’s a very good reason why lavender has been used in medicine for so long, and this short description surely helps you see why that is!




Patchouli – Best for Dry Skin

Aroma: Woody & Sweet

Patchouli is an ingredient that you’ve probably already tried on your skin if you’re a fan of hair products or skin conditioners. It’s very commonly found in such formulas for the same reason why I highly recommend Patchouli oil to be used in the creation of beard oil formulas: it smells really good and keeps your skin looking fresh-out-of-the-shower all day long!

Argan Oil – Best for Wrinkly Skin

Aroma: Citric

Argan oil is actually edible, and one of the best essential oils for the delicate skin under the beard. Argan oil will help you regenerate injured skin rather quickly, but it shines because of its anti-inflammatory properties – a fundamental characteristic that your beard oil needs to have if you’re going to apply it shortly after shaving. You can read our article about the best argan oil for beard to find one that’s best for you.

Hazelnut Oil – Best for Dehydrated Skin

Aroma: Light Nutty

Hazelnut oil is another fantastic essential oil that you can apply to any type of skin. It’s one that I highly recommend you to use if you often suffer from rashes, acne, or eczema. Hazelnut oil does a great job at hydrating your skin, which makes it one of the most common choices for beard enthusiasts that live in hot weather areas.

Tea Tree Oil – Best for Dermic Conditions & Inflammations

Aroma: Sweet

Not only does tea tree oil comes with a very sweet and pleasant scent, but this is a fantastic oil to use if you suffer from any mild skin conditions that don’t allow you to apply stronger oils on your skin. It’s also great to hide skin imperfections!


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Beard Oils VS Traditional Essential Oils – What’s the Difference?

Let me get one thing clear before I go on: essential oils and beard oils are not always interchangeable terms. In most cases, the term “beard oil” is used to refer to a mixture of an essential oil and a carrier oil, which creates a solution that works quite well as a beard-care complement.

Always make sure that the oil that you intend to put on your beard or skin is well suited for its task. Never apply an oil that is meant to be diluted directly on your skin or it WILL do more harm than good!




How to Make Your Own Beard Oil – DIY Beard Oil to Save Money!

Don’t you worry, though – creating a beard oil from scratch is not a difficult task at all. Reading that one sentence will hopefully stop you from panicking when you take a look at one of those mixed beard oils that you may find in a store; they can be as expensive as $40 for a small bottle!

I won’t be paying that money anytime soon, and I’m sure you won’t be either.

There’s an easy DIY beard oil recipe that you can use if you wish to make your own beard oil at home. It’s super easy to remember, and it works for almost any type of oil that you need to dilute – including the ones that I mentioned earlier in this article.

  1. Add the best carrier oils for beard care first (1 oz. if using 1 oil, 1.5 oz if using 2 oils)
  2. Add the essential oil to the carrier oil solution (2 or 3 drops)
  3. Add another oil if you want a stronger blend (2 drops max)
  4. Mix it up until they blend!

You can find our in-depth guide on how to make DIY beard oils found within our beard oil recipe article. With ten recipes, you’re sure to find one that works for you!

When Should You Use Beard Oil Carrier Oils?

Whether you’re looking to complement the effects of your essential oils of choice or dilute it to diminish its essence, using carrier oils is always a good choice. This is especially true when dealing with facial hair and facial skin in general, as both tend to be way more delicate than hair and skin in other areas of the body.

Your face is also the most visible part of yourself – take good care of it by using the best substances to avoid attracting unnecessary bad looks.

Keep in mind that essential oils tend to come in concentrated quantities, so you may always want to dilute them or apply them in small amounts to avoid rashes or bad side effects. Even if you don’t want to use carrier oils to create a beard care oil blend, you may still want to dilute your essential oil of choice with water or a non-scented oil.

Use oil carriers for beard care in the following situations:

  • When creating your own beard oil with essential oils
  • When your beard oil of choice is just a bit too strong for your liking
  • When a carrier oil has qualities that complement an essential oil to perfection
  • When you’re looking to enhance the properties of an essential oil
  • When a fragrance would be improved with the use of a carrier oil


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Take Your Beard Game to the Next Level!

Congratulations, fellow beard enthusiast: you now have all the information that you need in order to create a top-quality beard oil blend that is sure to keep your facial hair healthy.

Take note and a close look at the properties of each oil and carrier oil that I’ve mentioned today and create a formula that suits you.

You now have the ability to create a fantastic aroma with the best properties for your skin. So, make the best of it and choose a mixture to keep your beard in the best shape possible. Be patient, though: trial-and-error plays an important part in the creation of your perfect custom beard oil formula!