Should You Use Beard Oil On Short Beards?

Short Beard

Should you use beard oil on short beards?

Beard health is important, whether you’ve got the beginnings of a five o’clock shadow or you’ve gone full-blown lumberjack.  Many question if they actually need products for a short beard.  Can you use beard oil on short beards?  Are other products better?  Is any of this even necessary?  The short answer is yes, you should be using some kind of product, but the kind of short beard care you choose depends on other factors.

Argan Oil For Beard

What is beard oil?

First of all, what is beard oil?  Beard oil has many benefits for both your beard and your skin.  One key benefit is that it can help relieve beard itch.  Whether your beard is short or long, most people know what that feels like!  If your skin ever feels irritated, dry, and/or scratchy, beard oil is a great way to get rid of that!

Beard oil also helps with your beard, of course (it’s in the name after all).  It will help to make your hair feel more smooth and soft.  If you have thick, coarse hair, it will make it easier to manage.  It is like a deep conditioning treatment for your beard.

Many beard oils often contain essential oils and other natural scents as well.  This means that not only is a beard oil helping with your skin and hair health, but it is also acting as a sort of subtle cologne.  Don’t worry about the smell being overpowering, they are typically light. And we’re sure everyone around you will appreciate the nice, clean smell!

Some people ask: But won’t oil make my face feel, well, oily?  On the contrary, the oil is going to give your beard a more matte appearance.  Your beard is not going to look shiny or oily or greasy.  Your face is going to feel smooth and refreshed and nobody is going to think you’ve slathered yourself in grease.  The key is to use a beard comb or beard brush to evenly distribute the oil and make sure it is getting deep into your beard and onto the skin, instead of just sitting on top of the hair.

To summarize, beard oil can:

  • help moisturize skin
  • act as a deep conditioner for your beard
  • soften facial hair
  • reduce beard itch
  • relieve dry skin
  • give your beard a smooth, clean appearance
  • make you smell good but not in an overpowering way

What to look for in a beard oil:

  • All-natural ingredients. synthetic scents can cause skin irritation and, if you want a scent, essential oils work perfectly well
  • Moisturizing oils such as jojoba, almond, argan, and grapeseed
  • Scents you like. the smell is going to be subtle no matter what but if you don’t like something, it doesn’t matter how light the smell is

Beard Balm

Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm

There are many other beard products out there besides beard oil and it can be confusing to choose which one will suit your needs.  Another product is beard balm.  But what is the difference?

Beard oil, as the name says, is a mix of conditioning/base oils like argan oil and essential oils.  Beard balm often also contains these but it is not just oil, it also contains ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin, and beeswax.  The consistency is more like a thick lotion or a body butter, instead of the liquid oil that beard oil is.

Beard balm is also great for moisturizing both your skin and your beard.  They also have a nice smell to them, as beard oil does.  The key difference is that beard balm is better at taming your beard than beard oil is.  If you have very long and/or very thick hair, it can sometimes get wild or unmanageable.  Sometimes a brush and some oil isn’t enough and you need the extra strength of a beard balm to tame your beard into being as smooth and slick as you want.

Because of the taming qualities of beard balm, this product is more geared towards people with longer beards.  However, beard balm is also even more moisturizing than beard oil so even if you only have some stubble, it can help if you have especially dry skin.

Key points about beard balm:

  • Most of the same benefits as beard oil: moisturizing, nice smelling, conditioning
  • Better for taming wild beards
  • Better for people with long and/or thick beards
  • Great for healing very dry or cracked skin

Do you need beard oil for short beards?

Now that you know more about beard oil, can you use beard oil for short beards?  Beard oil is actually highly recommended for people with short to medium length beards, so the answer is yes!

You can use beard balm for shorter beards as well but, depending on how short your beard is, they may be unnecessary.  If you are just starting to grow your beard or if you simply prefer the short look, you may not need the styling aspect of beard balm and beard oil will be more than sufficient.

Many times when you are just starting to grow your beard, your skin can become irritated, as it may not be used to all that hair sticking around.  Because the hair is over the skin, it becomes more difficult to clean and moisturize it as well and it can become dry and itchy.  Beard oil will fix that right up for you.

Another reason to use beard oil for short beards is that it helps promote growth.  If you are intending to grow your beard out, this is a good product to use as you do that.  It will keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends and breakage.  That way, you’ll be able to achieve the thick, full beard you’ve always wanted with less hassle.

Main reasons to use beard oil for short beards:

  • Prevents that pesky beard itch that can set in when you’re starting to grow out your beard
  • Promotes beard growth if you don’t intend on having a short beard for long
  • Even if you’re just going for that rugged stubble look, beard oil will keep that hair smooth
  • Good for your skin

As you can see, you need beard oil for proper short beard care. Just because your beard may be more manageable and not require much styling does not mean you should neglect your hair and skin-care!

How to use beard oil

  1. Wash your hair first.  Even the best beard oil isn’t going to help with your appearance if your beard is dirty.
  2. Wait for your hair to dry.  You’ve got a short beard, so this probably won’t take too long.  The oil needs to be able to soak into the hair and skin so do not apply to wet hair.
  3. Beard oils may come with a pump or you may just have to use drip the oil directly out of the bottle.  Either way, a little goes a long way.  You only need a dime-sized amount of oil.  If you are unsure, start with a few drops and work up from there.  You can always add more but it is difficult to take excess away.
  4. Massage the oil into your hair and skin.  Don’t just drip it and let it sit on top of your beard, that won’t do anything!  The oil needs to evenly coat your hair and get down into the skin underneath.
  5. Brush the oil in.  Soft bristles, like those on a boars hair brush, are best.  They will help to distribute the oil without scratching on your skin.  If your beard is a little longer, you may also want to use a beard comb for general styling.
  6. Use the oil 2-3 times a day for upkeep.  You may find that applying oil once in the morning is sufficient but if your skin is especially dry or if you find your beard is drying out over the course of the day, a touch up is never a bad option.
  7. Remember that you don’t need to wash beard oil out.  It’s not like gel.  It will simply soak into your hair and skin as the day goes on and there is no need to worry about it building up.


Choosing The Best Beard Comb

How to care for short beards

Beard oil isn’t the only thing you need to care for your beard, no matter the length. Just as having short hair doesn’t mean “easier to style hair”, short beards require just as much upkeep and maintenance as long hair, sometimes even more.

KEEP THINGS TRIMMED!  Whether you are keeping your beard short or intending to grow it out, you can’t just let it go wild and unchecked.  If your beard is untrimmed and the lines aren’t clean and even, it’s going to be even more noticeable on a short beard than on a long beard.

  • Check your neckline! Your beard should be about ¾ inch, or one finger’s width, above where your neck meets your chin or where the top of the adam’s apple is.  Your beard should cover the area underneath your chin
  • Consider going to a barber. They can get your beard trimmed evenly and, once you have the lines in place, it will be easier to trim things up yourself.
  1. But don’t over trim!  Some people end up irritating their skin or damaging the appearance of their beard by shaving too often.  You don’t need to break out the razor every day to keep up with your beard. Use trimmers or go to your barber every few weeks to clean up stray hairs and keep the lines of your beard looking even but put the razor down.  You’re just going to irritate your skin and risk messing up those smooth, even lines.
  2.  Keep things clean.  Don’t skip over your beard when washing your face.  Beard shampoo exists for a reason. Just as you need to wash the hair on your head, you need to keep the hair on your face clean.  If you don’t want to buy a separate beard shampoo, at the very least make sure you’re cleaning your beard and the skin underneath with your facial wash.
  3. Moisturize moisturize moisturize! As you’ve already seen, beard oil is a great way to do this, as is beard balm.  Nobody wants dry, itchy skin.  Nobody wants a beard with split ends and breakage.  Take care of your skin and your beard if you want it to look good.
  4. Groom your beard.  If you have stubble, you can probably skip combing, but hair longer than that can benefit from a soft-bristled brush to keep things smooth.  Brushing and/or combing are also necessary when applying oils, balms, and butters.
  5.  Take care of your whole face.  If you have messy sideburns or random, stray hairs, it’s not going to matter how nice your beard looks.  A short beard can actually make these things more obvious as well.  Trimming your sideburns, the sides of your neck, your mustache (if you have one), and even your nose and eyebrows will give you a better overall look.
  6.  Supplements and diet.  If you have trouble with growing your hair, just your beard or in general, biotin is a supplement that can help with that.  Having a balanced diet and getting all your vitamins and minerals can help as well.

Add beard oil to your daily routine

In summary: yes to beard oil!  It moisturizes your skin, acts as subtle cologne, promotes hair growth, gives your beard a smooth, clean appearance, and is overall just a good thing for your appearance. Short beards often need more upkeep than long beards do so be sure you’re doing everything you can to keep everything looking nice and healthy.

Obviously beard oil isn’t the only necessary element of your skin and beard care routine.  If you haven’t been using it, consider trying a beard oil out.  There are many brands out there, such as Beardbrand, Grizzly Adam, and Bearded Bastard, that provide beards oils with all-natural ingredients that will help improve the overall look of your beard, as well as providing benefits to your skin.

If you’re still unsure about beard oil, don’t worry!  You’ll be amazed with the benefits after just one use and, most likely, you’ll be wondering why you never thought to give it a try before now.